Drive Your Car Service Services

Rent-A-Driver/Use Your Own Car on trips to airports, piers and hotels in New York City and other places! GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO-WHEN YOU WANT TO GO in the privacy and comfort of your own car!

GO DIRECT - LESSEN TENSION. Eliminate train, taxi, driving and parking worries.

AVOID TIME AND LUGGAGE PROBLEMS, extra fares, car rental expense!

THEATER-GOING is leisurely when you're driven. Carefree, too!

OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS welcome being driven to your home from the city. They see the countryside while you relax or tend to last minute details.

BOARDING SCHOOLS are easy to reach


Driver comes to your front door, helps load your luggage into your own car and takes you to your destination. Your car is returned to your garage or driveway.

Driver stands ready to meet you on your return.

*Rates include one-half (1/2) hour free standing time. Additional standing time, $25.00 per hour. Policy is to favor the client in computing charge. All incoming planes, trains and ships are checked in advance for delays - at no extra cost. Courtesy calls are placed to concerned parties informing them of delays.

*Please contact us for rates from your area, if they do not appear.
Plus nominal travel allowance surcharge for driver.

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